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Chapel at place of country camp

In 1909 there was celebration of the Great Battle bicentenary. Various delegations took part in it. One of them was the delegation of Poltava province peasants. Tent camp for them was created on the Southern edge of the Battle Field. On 26 June 1909, on the territory of their camp there was Emperor Nicolas II, who came to meet peasants on the initiative of the first minister P. Stolypin. Citizens of Poltava, in 1909, proposed to build a memorial chapel to immortalize the anniversary. In summer of 1910 there was a competition for the best project of a chapel. There were 12 project, created between summer 1910 and spring of 1911. The Comission looked through all of them. As the best project was elected one made by student I. Kalbus. The chapel is square in its scheme (13,50 ft. x 13,50 ft.). The entrance is from Western side. The chapel is placed on two-stage stylobate with steps at its entrance. Walls were faced by ceramic tile with many ornamental stripes and pieces. Frontons are filled with plot majolica panels: Western side has «Saviour with Angels» (Christ sits on the throne, and near his feet there are angels with crossed hands); Southern and Northern sides have «Six-winded seraph» with twisted wings; Eastern side has rich decoration of Ukrainian ornaments. Roof and dome covering are made of copper shields. The dome is crowned by toreutic golden cross, which is placed on a ball and a half moon. The chapel at place of countrymen camp is the only religious building in the world, which was erected in zemsky style of Ukrainian modern.

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