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Monument of Glory

In honor of the Great Battle of Poltava there was erected a brick monument, shaped as a column and plastered (1778). The monument was placed in front of Resurrection church, on Mostovaya street (modern Oktyabrskaya street). On the top of the monument there was a ball and two sitting figures dressed in Roman togas. At the monument pedestal there was a plate with engraving scene of the Great Battle, made by St. Petersburg artist Patriky Balabin (1734-1765). At the end if XVIII, because of building of Resurrection church belfry building, the monument was taken down and the plate was given to the church. Today it is a part of the Museum of the Great Battle collection.

The modern monument, which exists today in Poltava, was exposed on 27 July 1811. The monument was created by such famous sculptors and architects as M. Amvrosimov, Toma de Tomon, F. Schedrin, F. Gordeev, I. Martos and I. Ugryumov.

This cast-iron monument has a shape of column; it is placed on polished granite pedestal, which is on stage fortress bastion shaped stylobate. The base of this stylobate has 18 cast-iron cannons. The column top is decorated by chapiter made of large palm-tree leafs; on the chapiter there is a cast-iron half-sphere with golden sculpture of an eagle with a laurel wreath in its beak. The eagle beak shows the way to the Great Battle field.

At two vertical sides of the column pedestal there are bronze high reliefs showing compositions of various weapon, put down after a battle to the monument. At other sides of the pedestal there are bronze decoration shaped as coiled snakes. In the middle of the circles there are two inscriptions: «June 27, 1709» and «Finished in 1809». The stylobate is surrounded by cast-iron grates shaped as swords turned their edges down. Due to its position — at crossing of 8 radial streets — the monument of Glory is a centre of the Round square architecture composition.

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