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The Third Hall Annotation. Preconditions and causes of the Great Northern War

The largest benefit from revolution in European policy made by Ukrainian National Revolution got the Moscow kingdom — in second half of XVII it started active expansion of Southern Europe. The title of Moscow monarchs was changed to new one; from now a monarch should be called The Sovereign of all Rus’: the Great, the Little, and the White. The period of permanent wars began — Russia had bloody battles with Polish-Lithuanian state for Ukraine, with Sweden for Baltic countries, with Ottoman Empire for Ukraine and the Black Sea coastline. Hetman state armies had to take part in all military companies of Moscow kingdom.

During Peter I Azov crusades, Ivan Mazepa showed his military talent as a hetman of Ukraine. And in 1700 the Russian monarch decorated Mazepa for this by Cavalry of the Order of St. Andrew Pervozvaniy — Ivan Mazepa became the second person (after Fedor Golovin, the Chancellor of Peter I) who received this Order.

In second half of XVII century the main problem for Moscow state, as well as for other European countries, was so-called Baltic question — the Swedish kingdom, due to such kinds policy as Charles X and Charles XI, conquered eastern neighbor lands and became the only leader of Eastern Europe. Military reforms of Charles XI made Sweden incredible powerful, and policy reforms turned the Kingdom into absolute monarchy.

Baltic countries protest lead to foundation of the Northern Union (end of XVII cent.). This Union was created by Denmark, Saxon and Moscow states. In 1700 this Union started military struggle against Sweden — to for repartition of states forces in Baltic area. This struggle is known now as The Great Northern war. That was an attempt to prevent the Baltic Sea from turning into «a Swedish lake».

The Hall exposition consists of House of Romanov tsars’ portraits (second half of XVII cent.), portraits of Charles XI and Ukrainian Hetman Mazepa, maps and graphic material of the Great Northern war, and the model of a military ship stern (beginning of XVIII cent.).

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