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The Seventh Hall Annotation. The great Battle of Poltava

The final decision about the general battle with armies of Charles XII, concentrated near Poltava, Peter I took at the military council in Krutyy Bereh village on June 11, 1709 — the tsar planned combined hit to strike Swedish forces.

Swedish troops were attacked at night of 13 June; the attack time was used by Peter I for his attempted to cross the Vorskla near the fortress — this plan failed. Russian commandership moved second crossing point to Petrivka village area, under permanent cover of Russian regiments striking blows against Ukrainian-Swedish troops.

Peter I army crossed the Vorskla and encamped near Semenivka village (modern Krotenky vilalge) at night on June 20. On June 25 the Russian army came close to Poltava and encamped near Yakivtsi village — the camp was protected by earth rampart and chain of redoubts at the only possible way of the Swedish army to the place of the main forces of Peter I camp.

The final battle took place on June 27, 1709. It is divided into two periods:

  • 1. The battle near the redoubts — it started at about 3 a.m.; Swedish infantry attacked the redoubts, cavalry divisions of both sides clashed.
  • 2. Almost at 9 a.m. there started the battle on the field between forests of Mali Budyshcha and Yakivtsi, in front of the Russian camp.
  • By 11 a.m. the battle finished by the brilliant victory of Peter I army — the Swedes were completely displaced from the field.

During the second half of the day, the Russian army celebrated its victory right on the battle filed. At the same time the Swedish army retreated to Pushkarivka village and further, along the Vorskla at the Dnieper direction.

During this battle, Ukrainian subdivisions fought at both enemies’ sides — under the orders of I. Mazepa, I. Skoropadsky and K. Hordiyenko — the commander of Cossacks camp.

Swedish sources fixed unsuccessful effort of a part of I. Skoropadsky Cossacks troop to unite the Swedish-Ukrainian army.

After grand celebration of the victory in the evening on June 27, Peter I gave the order to pursuing the Swedish army, which had already left positions near Poltava.

The Hall main decoration was made in 1959. The Hall exposition presents illustration materials of the Soviet period artists, such as Krylov, Khayertynov, Grekov studio and others. Peter I vision of the battle is presented by the masterpiece of Deny Marten the junior (first quarter of XVIII cent.) painted to the tsar order. Also, there is weapon, clothing and arming of the warriors (beginning of XVIII cent.).

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