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1709 2009

3 January 2017

Poltava battle history museum services prices will change

3 March 2014

18 September 2013

Visit of Mr. Henryk Litwin, Ambassador of Poland in Ukraine

3 July 2013

Celebration of the Great Poltava Battle 304th anniversary

7 June 2013

Visit by EU ambassador to Ukraine Jan Tombinski

21 May 2013

May the 18th - International Museum Day

18 April 2013

Master class in making of the Easter vytynanka

4 April 2013

New themed events

28 March 2013

13 March 2013

Educational lecture of a Finnish professor at the Poltava Battle field

15 February 2013

The presentation of the thematic excursion “The Great Northern War: stories of the great love”

1 February 2013

Meeting with a Chief hetman of the Cossacks community of Poltava region

22 January 2013

Round table on «Poltavite I. Pavlovsky and Poltava at the late 19th – 20s of the 20th century»

28 December 2012

Opening ceremony of the Christmas tree

20 December 2012

St. Nicholas Day in Poltava Battle Museum

21 November 2012

In order to improve professional skills

11 October 2012

«History of Ukraine in the monuments. Unimplemented projects»

24 August 2012

Samiylo Velichko Award 2012

27 June 2012

Celebration of the Great Poltava Battle 303th anniversary

18 May 2012

Audio guide presentation

18 May 2012

The performance of the violinists group with the program «Classical European music»

16 May 2012

Opening of the nodal dolls exhibition «Linen princess (Baroque era)»

15 May 2012

The thematic event «Ireland – emerald island of Europe» was held

13 May 2012

Lesson-tour «The role of woman in the history of Ukraine»

4 May 2012

The Poltava battle field cleaning was held

25 January 2012

Round table on «Poltavite I. Pavlovsky and Poltava at the late 19th – 20s of the 20th century»

24 January 2012

Changes in the museum work time

23 December 2011

Official opening of the traditional Christmas tree

22 December 2011

The event «Hetman capitals of Ukraine»

9 November 2011

The concert of musical ensemble from Germany «Without tailcoats»

18 October 2011

Thematical lecture for drawing teachers "Ukrainian baroque"

22 September 2011

The competition for The Samiylo Velichko Award of 2012 has been announced

21 September 2011

Presentation of the event «Russia outside military conflicts»

25 August 2011

Samiylo Velichko Award

27 June 2011

302th anniversary of the Poltava battle

20 May 2011

Presentation of event «Ukraine and Sweden at historical crossings»

18 May 2011

Plain-air of pupils from Poltava art school

15 April 2011

Meeting of the club «Youth»

10 March 2011

Special offer «Two museums at the price of one»

25 February 2011

Musical event in the museum of the Great Poltava Battle

24 February 2011

16 February 2011

The excursion «Ivan Mazepa, Ukrainian Hetman»

21 January 2011

The memorial evening devoted to 160th Birthday of I. F. Pavlovsky

24 December 2010

The opening of the Christmas tree

3 December 2010

Book exhibitions

26 August 2010

Samiylo Velichko Award

27 June 2010

Thematic events touched 301 anniversary of the Poltava Battle

26 May 2010

New type of excursions called “The Cossack clan won’t come to end”

8 April 2010

Presentation of getman Pylyp Orlyk portrait

25 March 2010

The Round Table "The Ukrainian constitutionalism: history, lessons and practice", and touched 300 anniversary of foundation the Constitution by Pylyp Orlyk

1 March 2010

Action "Museum at School"

1 March 2010

Thematic exhibitions of literature in the museum of the Battle of Poltava

23 February 2010

The first meeting of a military-historical club

12 February 2010

Thematic celebrations of 340 birthday of Samiylo Velychko

7 February 2010

The collection of articles of the International Scientific and Practical conference “The Great Poltava Battle of 1709 as a part of history of Ukraine, Russia, Sweden and other countries”.

20 January 2010

Program «Museum in School»

29 December 2009

Presentation of a book «Poltava Battle of 1709 in history of Ukraine, Russia, Sweden and other states».

6 December 2009

Literary exhibition timed to the Day of Ukraine armed forces.

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