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1709 2009

Audio guide presentation

On May, 18, 2012 in the reserve «The Field of the Great Poltava Battle» the presentation of the audio exhibition, coincided with the International Museum Day, was held. The Poltava Battle History museum is the first of the similar Poltava institutions, which has started to provide all European audio guide service for individual visitors or groups. The listeners were the French-speaking students of Poltava National Technical University named after Yuri Kondratiuk and high school pupils from Dykanka region – pupils of the secondary schools with advanced study of foreign languages. The audio guides (MP4 Player) were given to museum by the Party of Regions of Dykanka region (the chairman Yuri Onischenko), the museum has worked with its representatives for years by holding thematic events and excursions for children and youth. The scientists of the reserve with the assistance of Poltava RSTRC «Ltava» recorded the excursion around the Poltava Battle History museum in six languages: Ukrainian, English, Russian, Polish, German, French. Actually, it is important not only on the occasion of «Euro-2012», but also for further effective work of the institution and improvement of the conducting the excursion for tourists visiting the SHCR «The Field of the Great Poltava Battle».

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