State Historical and Cultural Reserve «The Field of the Great Poltava Battle»
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1709 2009

May the 18th - International Museum Day

This year's International Museum Day was celebrated around the theme "Museums (memory + creativity = social change)." According to Julien Anfruns, the CEO of the International Council of Museums, reconciling their traditional mission of conservation with the creativity that is necessary for their revival and the development of their audiences – this is the evolution that museums are trying to undertake.

State Historical-Cultural reserve “The Field of the Great Poltava Battle” in honor of International Museum Day celebration has presented a brand new excursion format and different attractions. The museum building was decorated with 8 flags of the participating states in the Great Northern War. Every hour there were performances of re-enactors, dressed in historical costumes of soldiers of Charles XII and Peter I. Military and History Museum offered the visitors the history of the protective, cold steel and firearms weapon items with a demonstration of unique exhibits, especially its use in the Navy. Everyone had an opportunity to see a unique documentary that is divided in time by one hundred years - the 200th and the 300th anniversary celebrations of Poltava Battle, and unique stock literature exhibition on military issues. The emblem of the holiday was a symbolic image of a museum. Everyone had an opportunity to have it painted on his body thanks to the students of Poltava children’s art school.

That day a plein-air was also conducted by students of Poltava children's art school on Poltava Battle field.

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«The Field of the Great Poltava Battle»