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Book exhibitions

3 December 2010

Book exhibitions became the traditional part of memorial dates celebrating in the Poltava Battle History museum. The books for such exhibitions are usually taken from private libraries - all visitors have great possibility to read those interesting thematic issues. Among passed events there were such themes of the museum book exhibitions as:

  • The Knowledge day (August 31st - September 1st)
  • The City day - 67 years since Poltava Liberation (September 23rd)
  • 60 years of the second opening of the Poltava Battle History museum (September 23rd)
  • The Days of European heritage in Poltava "Ukraine - Europe: common heritage" (September 23rd - September 29th)
  • The Tourism day (September 27th - September 28th)
  • The Ukrainian Cossacks day (October 13th - October 16th)
  • The Day of Ukraine Liberation (October 27th - October 29th)
  • The Day of Ukrainian Language (November 8th - November 10th)
  • The Memorial days in honor of the Famine victims of 1932-1933 (November 27th)

During 10 first months of 2010 year the museum was visited by 40'000 tourists and 30'000 of them attended the museum excursions. Most of the tourist came from Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg and Belgorod). Other tourists came from Poland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Sweden, the USA, Peru, India and other countries. The museum also was visited by such outstanding guests as the official delegation of the International Monetary Fund (November 6th) and Jan Granat - the General Council of the Republic of Poland in Kharkiv (December 1st).

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