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Samiylo Velichko Award

25 August 2011

Ceremonial Samiylo Velichko Award distribution took place on August, 24, 2011, near the monument “To Died Ukrainian Cossacks”, during celebration of 20th anniversary of Ukrainian independence.

The award is given for the best achievements in approval of humanistic and national ideals, ideas of Ukrainian independence, spiritual values of Ukrainian people and substantial contribution to national cultural renewing of Ukrainian.

“Investigation in history of Ukraine and Poltava region” is in first nomination:
- Viktor Zakalyuzhnyi, Candidate of geological-mineralogical Science, Docent, Head of human and animal biology Department of Poltava National Teacher Training University named after V. Korolenko, author of more than 120 printed publications and fundamental research “Poltava Cossacks. Biographical-historical essays about Cossacks of XVII-XX centuries” – (Poltava – 2009);
- Taras Pustovit, assistant director of Public Record Office of Poltava region – author of more than 400 scientific publications about problems of history, culture, archival, regional ethnography and religious studies.

“Reflection of national history in mass media” is in second nomination:
Svitlana Chorna, chief editor of “Cossacks Ukraine” newspaper, author of publishing project “Ukraine – Cossacks land”, educational-methodical reference book “Ukraine – Cossacks land”, Cossacks history articles.

“For contribution in development of State Historical Reserve “The Field of the Great Poltava Battle” is in third nomination:
Collective of JV "Poltava Petroleum Company" (chief manager T. Kaunov), who annually gives money during last several years for development of public museums of Poltava. Samiylo Velichko Award in fourth nomination “Reflection of fateful events in art works” wasn’t distributed.

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