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Samiylo Velichko Award

26 August 2010

Thematic events took place in the museum of Poltava Battle on 27 June 2010. These events touched 301 anniversary of the battle.

The celebration started by the process of flowers bringing to numerous monuments of the battle: monument to defenders of Poltava fortress and O.Kelyn, monument to died Ukrainian Cossacks of Poltava regiment, bed of honor of Russian warriors, monument to died Swedish soldiers from Russians and the memorial Rotunda for died in the Battle of Poltava participants. The city administration members took part in the flowers bringing process. They were: the head of Poltava administration Udovichenko O.V., the head of Poltava Matkovsky A.V., Russian ambassador in Ukraine Loskutov V.V., priesthood representatives, heads of the city institutions and enterprises.

Guard of honor served near the memorial Rotunda - young people, dressed as historical warriors of Sweden, Ukraine and Russia. The guard changed every half an hour and ringed the Rotunda bell in honor of killed soldiers.
Also at the territory of the museum, there was "Masters town" placed here; examples of folk fine arts could be found here. The master classes of clay working (by the senior researcher of the museum of the Battle Okara I.V.) and doll making (the National union of folk arts Sviridyk N.O.) were shown for all tourists. The decoration of the event became the folk group of violin players "Akadem" MBK (art-director Abramov O.P.), who played music of XVIII century.

"Fire show" group participants gave stirring performance. They were followed by fighting Cossacks show by sport center "Voin" members, which was accompanied by music of "Zhivi barabany" drum group (pupils of P. Mayboroda music school #1; art director Dudnik E.).

The end of the significant day was decorated by "Night in the museum" excursion for all tourists, performed by the museum workers.

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