Monument to Peter I

The reopening of the Poltava Battle museum in 1950 marked a turning point in the fate of the suburb “Swedish grave” which after that event began to turn into the tourist object. On September 23, 1950 the monument to Tsar Peter I was unveiled in front of the museum. The bronze full length (2,04 m) sculpture was created in 1915 by the Estonian sculptor Amandus Adamson for the 75th anniversary of Poltava Petrovsky cadet school. The Tsar was depicted wearing the uniform of the Colonel of the Preobrazhensky regiment. The pedestal of the monument was made of black labradorite by the design of the sculptor Verotsky. When the cadet school was disbanded in 1919 the bronze sculpture was handed to the Central Proletarian Museum of Poltava (now the Poltava Regional Museum named after Vasyl Krychevsky).

Пам’ятник Петру І_1